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This page includes:

  • Chew Sticks--Apple OUT OF STOCK

  • Chew Sticks-- PEAR  OUT OF STOCK

  • APPLE Sit n Chew   IN STOCK!!

  • PEAR Sit n Chew    IN STOCK!!   

  • Treats

  • Hanging Toys

  • Food- HAY all varieties 

  • Food- Pellets 

  • Water Containers

  • Bath Dust

  • Critical Care Powder

  • Transport Carriers

We sell products that we use ourselves. All proceeds benefit the rescue.

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Chew Sticks



There are usually about 15 lb. ORGANICALLY SOURCED Apple Sticks available and ready for immediate shipping.

Each batch is picky chin tested and all shipments are guaranteed. It is always a welcome treat!

One pound of small sticks has about 150 5" sticks.


NOTE!!!!! Please store the sticks in an open cardboard box or paper bag.


Chinchillas, bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, wallabies, and even dogs enjoy chewing/ playing with our organically sourced apple sticks.

Sold by the pound.

Twiglet sticks are very thin, various lengths up to 11'' long.

$16/lb. plus shipping (organically sourced)

Small sticks are slightly thicker, about 5" long. 

$18/lb. plus shipping (organically sourced)

2 pounds/$45 includes Priority Shipping to any US address

Big sticks are about pencil diameter and of various lengths up to 11" long.

$15/lb. plus shipping (organically sourced)


PLEASE NOTE: Some of our wood is fuzzy wood. The white is a natural secretion that is safe and greatly desired. Chinchillas love it. Mold is different. It is bluish green and will cover many sticks at a time. Mold is also powdery. The white on fuzzy wood is waxy.  

Our Apple Sticks are shipped to us from a Certified Organically Sourced Orchard and are immediately processed. Each 6 lb. batch is washed in clean 130 degree running water. They are then air dried before being baked for 3 or more hours at a low, 230-degree heat. Processed sticks are stored inside our house until they are sorted and cut for sale.

Apple Sit -n- Chew  IN STOCK!!

Certified organically sourced Apple Logs are about 3/4 inch in diameter, with hanger bolt/fender washers/wing nut mounts included. Organically sourced sticks.

Chins love to sit and chew on them. 

Apple Sit-n-Chew with/without mounts  $9 each plus shipping

PEAR Sit n Chew  IN STOCK!!

Certified organically sourced

1" diameter 12" long

Can be securely mounted to wire cages using the installed hanger/washer/wing nut

$10 each, plus shipping*

*Up to 6 can be shipped to any US address for $9 

chins pear sit n chew.jpg

Pear Chew Sticks  SOLD OUT

Certified organically sourced orchard pear chew sticks, sold by the pound. Various diameters up to pencil thickness with some bigger chunks.

About 6" long.

Chins love chewing on Pear sticks! Always a favorite treat.

Seasonal, ask about availability. 

Pear sticks $10/ HALF pound, plus shipping. 

Pear sticks $29/ONE POUND including shipping. (within USA)


Rose Hips

Rosehips are an excellent source of Vitamin C and calcium. Chins only eat the red outside shell of whole dried rosehips.

Available 1/2 lb. or 1lb. bags. One pound whole rosehips equals about 600 rose hips. Rosehips are dried and will not spoil. 

Whole Dried rosehips $14/lb. plus shipping

Seedless Dried Cut and sifted (C/S)

Seedless rose hips  $16/lb. plus shipping

Whole Oats 

Whole Oats are a good safe treat in small amounts, and very helpful in hand taming shy chinchillas.

We sell only Purina Race Horse Oats to insure a quality product.

Please Note: Oats must be given in very limited quantities: 1 per day

Whole Oats   $3/ 4oz. plus shipping

Cookie Treats

Mrs. Pasture's Horse  Cookies

A few scrapes on a horse cookie once a week are our chinchillas' guilty pleasure. The cookies are very hard. Hold onto it tightly and let your chin scrape a bit off.

One cookie should last about 2 weeks.

Cookie Treats $1 each plus shipping

Hanging Chew Toys

Simple hanging toys made from a lave bite, safe poplar blocks and pieces, organic apple wood and natural pumice topped by a length of Shredder strung on a wire. Each piece is about 7" long. It is recommended that toys be rotated regularly (weekly). When chewed up, toys can be laid on their side for further chewing pleasure.

Hanging Chew Toys $5 each plus shipping



We have several types of hay that we use for our own chins.  

All hays are available in half-pound increments.

All types of Hay are $4/lb. plus shipping

3rd cut Timothy hay

A soft, all leaf grass hay. If a chin does not eat much hay, they will probably eat this. Available in 1/2 lb. increments,

$4 lb. plus shipping

Orchard Grass Hay

Orchard grass is sweet and long-leafed. It makes a great addition to the daily hay. Our chins get about 75% Western Timothy and 25% Orchard Grass. Chins love variety and different grass hays are a great way to satisfy them.

$4/lb. plus shipping

2nd cut Timothy hay

Available in 1/2 lb. increments,

$4/lb. plus shipping  

Alfalfa Hay Cubes

Alfalfa is a must for young chins, pregnant and nursing mothers and is a great occasional treat for other chins. These cubes are quite hard and are a great carry/chew toy. One pound is shown.

Alfalfa cubes $3/lb. plus shipping

Hay Treat Bags

A weekly favorite treat for all our chinchillas!

One half pound sized brown paper bags stuffed with different types of grass hays:

Various timothy hays (2nd and 3rd cuts), Botanical hay, Orchard grass, Meadow grass, Bluegrass, a pinch of crushed rosehips and bits of apple chew sticks. Ingredients vary. (Note: no alfalfa)

Each treat bag is $3 plus shipping

Pellets and  Water

Pellets-- Essentials Chinchilla Food Oxbow

Essentials Chinchilla Food is a high quality alfalfa based pellet.

We both use and recommend an Oxbow diet for all our chinchillas. We have fresh pellets available.

Feeding 2 tablespoons per day, a chin will need about 1 1/2 to 2 lb. of pellets per month. Pellets should be consumed within 60 days.

A 5 lb. bag will fit in a medium-sized shipping box with room for apple chews and more.

Essentials Chinchilla Pellets 5 lb. bag $10 plus shipping

Pellet Holders and Ceramic Bowl Set

Holders are made from safe pine with non-toxic glue.

3" hole designed to fit the 3" ceramic bowls

Holder and Ceramic Bowl (white) $20/set plus shipping

(not sold separately)

Water Bottle Lixit

We use Lixit glass water bottles exclusively and are very happy with them.

Mounting spring included. Remove the plastic turtle before using. We recommend mounting one 8 oz. bottle per chinchilla in the cage or a 16 oz. for pairs and trios. Mount vertical with the spout at shoulder level to a chin on all fours.  It is a great idea to have a spare.            

Lixit Water Bottle 8 oz. $10 each plus shipping

Chill Dust 

A superior bath dust!

(bath houses available-- see Cage Stuff page) 

Bath Dust $4/lb. plus shipping

Critical Care Powder-- sample bag size

Oxbow Critical Care is an important tool for helping sick chins. It is a combination of fiber and nutrients.

Mix with water to make a paste of varying consistency depending on need; it will also supplement a chin's water intake.

There has always been a problem with feeding it--- often a sick chin needs to be wrapped up like a  'burrito' in order to be fed. This can cause stress at a time when it is not needed. Most of our chins will eat Critical Care readily, even greedily, but it can take time to get them used to it. A chin may need to be tempted, pretending the CC is a treat.

You can try sprinkling a very small amount (a few grains) on your chin's pellets so it grows used to the taste. After talking with our vets and with the consent of Oxbow, we are offering small amounts of Critical Care to chin owners for this purpose.

Each sample bag contains about 6 teaspoons (tsp) equal to 15 grams of Critical Care product.

Each teaspoon powder when mixed with water makes about 7cc-12 cc. A normal feeding for a 550-700g chin will fall into this range.

However, each sample bag will provide many small amounts to tempt a chin.

Sent by US first class mail, the Critical Care sample bag is $3 each.


Please note: Critical Care normally should be used in conjunction with proper vet care.

If it is needed, there is a reason and Critical Care treats symptoms, not causes.

Bass Evacuation Carriers  (Transport Carriers)  

We require wire carriers to transport our chinchillas when adopted. 

Bass Equipment provides an approved carrier that can be used to safely and easily carry your chin(s).

All of the carriers come fully assembled and ready to use. This is a new item for the Bass store, not listed online yet, but they readily take phone orders. 

Suitable for adult size chinchillas, ask about how to modify for transporting kits.

These are high quality Bass carriers constructed of galvanized steel and galvanized after welding wire, completely safe and convenient.

We keep a few Bass and Quality Cage (QC) carriers in stock as a convenience for adoptions.

Please order your carrier directly from Bass Equipment.


Bass Double Evacuation Carrier

Double Carrier was designed for us to safely carry two adult chins, one on each side of the non-moveable divider. Each is protected from the other and there are no worries about chewing the car’s interior. If you have only one chin, the other side can be used to carry supplies.

Double carrier measures 16" wide x 10" deep x 8" high and is divided into two 8" wide sections. There is a 2" wide metal "frame" between the sections, to prevent contact between chinchillas that might be incompatible. The individual opening tops and front are made of 1" x 1" wire, with a solid metal back and sides. It has a 3" deep metal tray and a handle in the center.

Double $69.95 plus shipping , order directly from Bass Equipment


Bass Single Evacuation Carrier

Single Carrier measures 16"w x 10"d x 8" high. It has a 3" deep metal tray and is made of sturdy 1" x 1" wire safety-finished to protect your pet and your hands. It has one handle on the top. No divider. Suitable for transporting two or maybe three compatible adult chins. 

Single $49.95 plus shipping, order directly from Bass Equipment.

Bass Double Carrier

Bass Single Carrier

Bass Single Carrier

Quality Cage CC8 single carrier