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US Global Exotics Seizure And Rescue Effort

Texas authorities from US Global Exotics in Arlington, Texas seized over 26,000 exotic animals in December of 2009.

It was the largest animal abuse case ever. The animals were eventually awarded to the City of Arlington and SPCA of Texas early in February 2010.

The SPCA designated NOLA Chinchilla Rescue to take the 70 chinchillas that were among the seized animals. With the help of the chin community, foster or forever homes were found for all of them in 11 states. The rescue effort involved several different drivers; some who gave up their Super Bowl Sunday to drive chins and who also braved poor road conditions. Many online forums, individuals, suppliers, veterinarians and others donated time, money, supplies and services to make the effort possible.

Wylie, Texas Chinchilla Rescue

In March of 2015, a hoarder in Wylie, TX surrendered 21 chinchillas in 4 cages to Chinchildren's Rescue in Red Oak, TX.

There were males and females of multiple generations in each cage. All were filthy, urine soaked and muddy.

After Tamara got them cleaned up, NOLA Chinchilla Rescue was asked to help.

It was arranged for two to go to Arkansas, 6 were delivered to Peggy in Houston and I brought 10 home. A vet saw all on the next day. The chin community generously provided donations for vet bills, cages and chinspins for the rescued chins. After the surrender, 1 kit died and one was born.  In early April, 8 of the Wylie chins were transported to Jiggers Rescue and Sassy's Rescue in Wisconsin where they finished their rehabilitation and pregnancy watches.

On the return trip, 6 chinchillas (rescued from a person that pelts chinchillas) from ABC Chinchillas were brought back and transferred to Sunset Chinchillas in Lafayette.

Picayune Rescue

In December 2015, 7 chinchillas were rescued from being dumped by a kind person in Picayune, MS. Having her own chins and with the likelihood of several females being pregnant, the two males and 4 of the females were transferred to NOLA Chinchilla Rescue in February 2016. The males were neutered and the 6 were divided into 3 pairs.  A total of 9 kits were born to the 4 females.

Wichita Falls, TX Rescue

Several rabbits and 2 chinchillas were seized in Wichita Falls, TX in December of 2016. The rescued animals were turned over to Wild Rescue, Inc. of Denton, TX. They sent the 2 chinchillas to NOLA Chinchilla Rescue. The male was neutered and they were on pregnancy watch. (April 2017)

Other Rescues


May 2010, we aided a Jefferson Parish Animal Control officer in removing a chinchilla, 2 ferrets and 6 guinea pigs from a local garden center that lacked A/C and the willingness to provide proper care.


June 2010, we assisted the Ascension Parish ACO in removing 35 guinea pigs from a hoarder and then transported them to Houston on their way to the great folks at the Texas Guinea Pig Rescue in Dallas.


December 2011, we helped with a rabbit rescue. Bunnies being surrendered by a hoarder in Kenner, Louisiana were being spayed and neutered by Dr. Edwards at the East Jefferson Animal Shelter. Patricia from the Bunderground in Memphis organized the transport to Wild Rescue, Inc. in Denton, Texas. Diane & Frank, who run Wild Rescue, met me in St. Francisville and took the 14 bunnies on to Denton. This will likely be an ongoing effort with several trips as the hoarder is convinced to relinquish more of his 80 rabbits or until Kenner decides to enforce existing laws.


May 2012, we helped place a bunch of gerbils that were turned in to the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter. We transported them to the Willow Springs Animal Shelter in Missouri.

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