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(Due to owner illness, all of these items are not currently being built or shipped)



This page includes: 

  • *Wood*

  • Hay Bins Holders and Blocks

  • Double Hay Bin

  • Cage Ledges, Basket Ledges and Shelves

  • Landing Pad

  • Hidey Houses

  • Houses - Ships, Trains, Super Mario Truck

  • Chill -- Boxes, Houses, Small House with Lid, Tunnels and Hex Tunnels

  • Tunnels Square, Rectangle and Hex

  • Bath House

  • Large Climbing Toys 

  • Ramps

chins shop FN Cage.jpg

We sell products that we use ourselves. All proceeds benefit the rescue.


Please email to place your order (items, sizes, quantity, special requests). Include ZipCode.

You will receive an email reply with shipping cost and the total price

NOTE: Prices listed for each item in the WebShop do NOT include shipping.

Most "Cage Stuff" items are made-to-order. An estimated shipping date will be given with the quote.


PayPal Payment

Our Paypal account is

After receiving your email with your total price (including shipping) please go to to login and submit payment.

Use the Yellow direct "BUY NOW" PAYPAL LINK below to go directly to the paypal site.

It is not necessary to itemize your order. If preferred, an invoice will be sent to you. 

WOOD Items for CAGE & PLAY 


We sell safe wood houses, hay bins, tunnels, climbing toys, chill tunnels and more.

We also have shelves and ledges in 7", 9" and 11" widths. Please email for more information on shelving.

Please note: the available wood stock is not perfect and neither is the builder (me). All items are hand made. Contact me for more information and quotes including shipping.

Please include your zip code.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Hay Bins & Hay Holders

Hay Bin

Safe poplar wood, Mounting hardware included.

1/4 inch wood bin $16 each plus shipping  

1/2 inch wood bin $18 each plus shipping

Double Hay Bin  ~NEW ITEM~

1/2 inch poplar wood

8"w 4"d 5"h  Mounting hardware included

$40 each plus shipping

Hay Bin Wide

Wide poplar wood hay bin is less waste and easier cleaning. Made of 1/2" thick safe poplar. Joined with safe glue. Mounting hardware included.

7 inches wide

$20 each plus shipping

Hay Bin Bunny Size

Bunny sized Wide Hay Bin is same wood and style but larger than pictured above. Mounts included. Safe poplar wood

11 inches wide

$22 each plus shipping

Hay Holder Blocks

Wood Block Hay Holders

Finding safe blocks has been a problem so I made some.

A great way to provide treat hays or even use these to replace traditional hay bins. 

They are about 1 1/2" x 2" with a 3/4” hole for hay stuffing. No coloring or other treatments added.

Excellent way to provide clean hay in carrier.

Made of safe poplar with mount included. 

Mounted blocks one hole $5 each plus shipping

Mounted blocks 2 holes $10 each plus shipping

Mounted blocks 4 holes $15 each plus shipping

chin hayblock.jpeg
chins hay holder 2 holes.jpeg


3 lengths, all 6” deep

Ledges come with two hanger bolt/fender washer/wing nut mounts. Those pictured have been custom notched to fit FN/CN corners.

7 inch $7 each plus shipping

9 inch $8 each plus shipping

11 inch $9 each plus shipping

Custom sizes available

Add $2 per ledge for poo guard

Corner Ledges

Corner ledges notched for FN/CN cages. Will work in most cages.

Available square or rounded.

The two sides are 11" long, with mounts.

Corner ledge 

round $20 each plus shipping

square $20 each plus shipping

Add $4 per ledge for poo guard

Landing Pad 

approximately 6" x 6" 

granite on pine base; $12

Basket Ledge

These mount with a flat floor. About 5" across the bottom. Includes mount

$40 plus shipping

chins basket ledge 5in.jpg
chins basket ledge.jpg
chins shop Landing pad.jpg


Boxes in custom sizes with optional mounts.

$25 each plus shipping  

Add $5 for mounts


Our houses are made from safe pine, which is 5/8” to 3/4" thick.

All wood is sanded to close the grain and edges are rounded over. Only a safe, non-toxic glue is used for joining- no metal fasteners. Hole sizes, number, and locations can be specified.  Large holes are 4", smaller are 3". Wood floors are an option along with mounting hardware.

Email for quote.

If you don't see what you want, contact me and I'll give you a quote - -- custom work is welcome!

chins shop new single house.jpg

Single House

$35 each plus shipping

Hole# and locations can be specified

11”w x 9”h x 8”d

Balcony House

$45 each plus shipping

11w x 9 1/4h x 8 ¾”d

Railing House

$50 each plus shipping

11”w x 9 ¼”h x 8 ¾”d

Square Double House

$40 each plus shipping  

8" tall and 11 1/4" square

You can specify number, size and location of the holes

Big Double House

$60 each plus shipping

17” L x 10 ¾”w x 7 1/4“h 

Number and location of holes can be specified

chins bath house.jpg
chins chin bath house.jpg


11"x11" and 10" tall

Entrance hole optional

Marble bottom

$50 each plus shipping

Arch House with optional shelf

$55  each plus shipping

16”L x 9”d x 8”h house

House on shelf $85 each plus shipping 

16”L x 9”d x 8"h house on a 11" x 23" shelf with mounts.

Can be extensively customized.

Add $5 for poo guards

2 Story House

$100 each plus shipping

16”h x 11 ¼”w x 8”d 

or 12"d with balcony

Veranda House

$100  plus shipping

16”h x 16”w x 16”h two stories

Made of safe pine with poplar columns.

Ship House  

$90 base price each plus shipping as pictured

24”L x 12”h x 9”d

Finished on one side only.

Right or left facing; number of holes and size can be specified.

This one is right facing. 

Add $15 plus shipping for both side, on request.

chins shop trainhouse2.jpg
chins shop trainhouse.jpg

Small Ship House

$80 base price each plus shipping

17”L x 10”h x 9”d

Finished on one side only.

Right or left facing; number of holes and size can be specified.

Add $10 plus shipping for both sides finished, on request. 

Train House

$85  each plus shipping

18“w x 12” h x 10” d

Smoke stack is drilled for hay.

chins wood choo choo.jpg

Super MARIO Brothers House

Truck is finished on both sides

$95 each plus shipping

Truck is 17"L x11"h x9"d

chins shop Mario truck.jpg
chins shop Mario truck front.jpg

Chill Houses

Chill Box

14"W x  8"D x 9"H

Made from safe pine and white marble.

Holes can be added at no charge.

Please specify number and location with order. 

Chill Box $60 each plus shipping

chin chill image0.jpeg

Small Chill Box 

Granite or marble (color may vary) lined for coolness and big enough to climb into so your chin or chins can chill out.

9"w x 9"d x 6"h   

$60 each plus shipping.

chins small chill box.jpg

Chill House with Lid 

Marble 6" high on sides and back.

Full marble pd on floor

11"d x 11"w x 11"h

Can be customized.

$65 each plus shipping

chins shop chill house with cover.jpg

Chill Tunnels

We offer tunnels with a granite or marble chill pad glued to the bottom to help with summer heat.  In winter it can be turned upside down. These can also be attached to the top or side of most cages

Square Chill Tunnel


$40 each plus shipping

Mounting hardware is (hanger bolts) 4 sets for $5

Deluxe Large Chill Tunnel

with top pad

$58 each plus shipping

Hex Chill Tunnel 

Top mount. Made of pine,11" long.

Sides 4 1/2" wide.

Inside space is 7" between opposing sides.

Chill pad for inside bottom. Two removable carriage bolts/fender washers/wing nuts included.

$45 each plus shipping

chins hex chill tunnel.jpg


Made from safe pine with rounded edges, tunnels are glued together. The standard tunnel measures about 6”h x 6”w x 11"L and can be attached to the side or top of a cage with 3/4" screws and fender washers.  


Standard tunnel

$30 base price each plus shipping

Inside dimension is about 5".

Add $1 for two sets of screw/ washer hardware mounts


$5 for 4 sets of hanger bolt/fender washer/wing nut

Add $10 for chill pad

Large Tunnel

Big enough for two chins to cuddle or one to stretch out in, large tunnels measure about 9”w x 7” h x 11” L  (inside dimension is about 7").

Top or side mounting to the cage with hanger bolts available.

Large tunnel $35 base price each plus shipping

Add chill pad $10

Add 4 sets of hanger bolts $5

chins hex tunnel.jpg

Hex Tunnels  

11" long with each side 4 1/2" wide.

Inside space is 7" between opposing sides.

Two removable carriage bolts/fender washers/ wing nuts for mounts included.

$35 each plus shipping

Playland Treat House

This house provides climbing fun for chinchillas with rewards.

There are 4 hay blocks on the large 12" shelf, one on each corner. These have 7/8" holes drilled and can be stuffed with favorite treat hay.

24" w, 20" h and 15" d. On the top is a box for treats or toys. The two 6" ramps in front are slotted to prevent slips.

Assembly is easy. Both houses come put together.  Add the smaller house with its treat box and the 4 hay blocks to the large shelf. Slide the 2 parts of the ramp together and then slide their mounting dowels into the front of the bottom house.

Treat House can then be left as is or glued together (glue included).

$95 each plus shipping

Climbing Toy

This ships disassembled and will go together in minutes. No tools or glue needed- shelves and ledges supported by dowels.

Pieces clearly marked and step-by-step instructions included. Constructed of safe pine with rounded edges and rotating ledges.

Stable. Heavy base.

Modifications available. Item weight is about 25 lb.

$100.00 each plus shipping


Sometimes a chin needs a ramp to go between cage levels and sometimes ramps are just fun. Pine is much better than plastic.

Ramps are sanded smooth, edges are rounded and the surface has grooves for safer use.

Custom widths and lengths available.

Standard size 5 1/2" (1 x 6) wide with your choice of pre-drilled holes, screws/fender washers or hanging bolts/fender washers/wing nuts.

Easily shipped in 11 3/4" length.

Ramps: $18 each plus shipping, up to 16" length and includes your selected hardware.

Available in any length up to 40" (custom).

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