Chinchilla Adoption Application Form

Thank you for your interest in fostering or adopting chinchillas from NOLA Chinchilla Rescue.

The adoption process requires the completion of this application form.


This application asks about only the most basic things you need to know to adopt and care for a chinchilla. 
There is much more to be learned.  In regard to the basics, chinchillas are not learn-as-you-go animals.  


Information necessary to answer the questions can be found on Intro/Basic Care page and the Getting Started: Supplies page in this website.

Thus it is expected that all 24 questions will be answered correctly. If this is too much trouble then chinchillas are not for you.

 Please Note: your answers are being automatically saved while you look at other pages in this website and until you leave this web site...only by pressing the SUBMIT button will your application form be emailed to Rick.

After Completing all answers: please click the SUBMIT button ONCE. 

Your form will automatically be emailed to NOLA Chinchilla Rescue and you will receive an emailed copy also.