Chinchillas Available for Adoption

New Orleans


NOLA Chinchilla Rescue Page-- Facebook Post August 28 2018:

A chin's stuff goes with them when they are adopted: their house, tunnel, hammock, chill pads, hay bin, food bowl, water bottle, toys and chew stuff as well as the shelves and ledges from their cage. Wood is not reused. Often their cage is for sale. The cost is usually $500 as cage/pans/chin spin are usually quite new. If their home goes with them, the adoption fee is generally waived. Many potential adopters, who have not read the Getting Started page at our website, think that this is very high. Many try to bargain. First, I look at the willingness and ability to provide a top of the line set-up, like what we use, as part of the application process. It won't rule you out but it mostly helps. Second, is it that expensive? Let's look at costs:

FN 182 $240 (the last one I bought)
Bass pans $90
Casters $12
QC chin spin $120
wood $50 (or more)
carrier $90

Looks like a pretty good deal to me. You want a less expensive cage? It needs to be large and also strong enough to mount a chin spin. The QC chin spin is not negotiable. It must be in the cage when you put your chin in for the first time. Cages must be plastic free. You may be willing to risk an impaction but we are not. You will need a metal/wire carrier to take the chin home. I don't care if that is only across the street.Guess what- you will still need pellets, hay, water source, rose hips, chew sticks, dust house and dust, vet fund, scale, and more.

Once you have that all sorted out, you still need the most important thing: knowledge.